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About me

Lucie Gelemová
Lucie Gelemová – self-portrait 2014


Lucie Gelemová – born 31.12.1982 in České Budějovice – is the modern Czech painter of original pieces of art. The author began drawing and painting as an autodidact. Through art, she formulates a difficult personal experiences, inner motivations and perceptions of her life. Paintings capture some forms of decadence that are transferred from the everyday experiences of the world around her.

At her 23 years, Lucie moved to London, where she later met with Jewish painter Barbara Jackson. Under her leadership she began to artistically develop at The Institute of Archer Academy.

After three years she returned to her homeland, where she graduated from art therapy accredited course at Masaryk University in Brno and the course of painting in the studio of Jaroslav Platil in the České Budějovice.

From 2014 to 2017 she studied  at the Institute of Art & Design in Prague, at graphic art and painting studio, which successfully finished with the state exam. She further improves her skills and gradually begins to penetrate with her paintings and graphics in public galleries and private collections.